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Discover our great catalogue of activities during your stay. Archery, Quads, Riding .. which will be enjoyable both for adults and children


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We have 10 apartments with all the amenities so that you spend a few days without worrying about anything.


A unique environment

One hour from Madrid

La Cobañera

Collado Mediano

Natural monument with an excellent vantage point to see the valley at your feet, including Monte Abantos and Monte Redondo

Cabeza Mediana

2.4 km away in Moralzarzal

Also known as Cerro del Telégrafo or Cerro Cañal, a mountan-island at the foot of the southern slopes of the mountains.

Embalse de Navacerrada

3.1 km away in Navacerrada

It is used to supply water to most of the municipalities on the Madrid side of the Guadarrama mountain range.